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EpiSuccess Pro Deployment: Microsoft Word® Forms Mobile Devices Surveillance
Photo of EpiSuccess 2 (ESP2) software running on laptop computer and smart phones
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EpiSuccess Pro 2.1
running on Windows® 7

Also runs on:
Windows® Server 2012

iPhone® / iPod® / iPad®

EpiSuccess Pro 2.1
Mobile App:
Apple® iPhone® 4


EpiSuccess Pro 2.1
Mobile App:
Android™ 4.0 Tablet


EpiSuccess Pro 2.1
Mobile App:
BlackBerry® Torch™ 9810

EpiSuccess Pro 2 (ESP2) Software

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Why EpiSuccess Pro 2 (ESP2) Software?

  • Data collection for field epidemiology, disease outbreak investigation and disaster emergency response continues to be a tedious process using paper forms and manual data entry
  • Very time consuming to set up a new survey questionnaire for data entry (e.g. Epi Info™)
  • Cannot easily reuse questions from previous surveys, or assemble questions quickly from question libraries
  • Lack of data collection software for mobile smart phones / tablets that is integrated in the "workflow" and also easy to setup and use
  • Need better ways to share data rapidly for public health surveillance -- including hierarchical reporting (e.g. local-to-county, county-to-state and state-to-national)

Goals of EpiSuccess Pro 2 (ESP2) Software

  • Rapid questionnaire development, including reuse of exposure and health questions using "Question Bank"
  • Support for mobile devices (smart phones and tablets) for field data collection
  • Support for data entry from other computers (desktop / laptop) on network
  • Send and receive data for surveillance and reporting (peer-to-peer and hierarchical)
  • Compatible with existing software (Epi Info™) and questionnaire exchange standard (Triple-S™)
  • Use of electronic forms (Microsoft® Word® form)
  • Easy creation of paper questionnaires and forms
  • Data import / export and exchange with other data systems (including SAS®, SPSS® etc)
  • Safeguards for data security, privacy and confidentiality
  • Fit the "workflow" of field epidemiology and emergency response
  • "Easy to use"

Use Cases

  • Disease Outbreak Investigations
  • Emergency Response
  • Field Inspections
  • Surveys: Interviewer / Email / Web
  • Case Reports
  • Chart Abstractions
  • Community Assessments
  • Epidemiologic Studies
  • Surveillance
  • Data Sharing
  • Program Planning and Evaluation
  • Questionnaire Repositories
  • Question Banks

EpiSuccess Pro 2 (ESP2) Software Features

Designed for rapid data collection and surveillance. EpiSuccess Pro 2 is an integrated suite of software tools designed for rapid field surveys, data collection, epidemiologic surveillance and reporting -- such as during public health emergency, disaster response and disease outbreak investigations.

Windows® PC software. EpiSuccess Pro 2 is a standalone application (.exe) that can run on Windows® computers (laptop / notebook / server / virtual machine) without the need of installation.

CDC Epi Info™ compatible. EpiSuccess Pro 2 datasets can be automatically created from CDC's Epi Info™ 3.5 / 7 databases (.mdb). Data records in these datasets can be exported back into the original Epi Info™ database (.mdb).

Triple-S™ standard. EpiSuccess Pro 2 supports import and export of datasets in Triple-S™ industry standard for survey questionnaire (metadata) and data exchange.

Question Bank. EpiSuccess Pro 2 questionsets can be easily transferred and organized in folders and collections that represent libraries or repositories of searchable and reusable questions (Question Bank). Custom questionsets can be created for symptoms and health outcomes, disease organisms, chemical and environmental agents, occupation and industry settings, exposure scenarios, type of disaster or emergency, and other categories. Questions can be quickly searched, assembled and edited to create new questionsets and datasets for rapid data collection.

Microsoft® Word® Forms. EpiSuccess Pro 2 can create electronic forms (eForms) for data collection in the format of Word® documents. The Word® Form (.doc file) can be sent to respondents as email attachment. Paper questionnaires and data collection forms can be created easily by simply printing the Word® Form documents. Data in completed Word® forms (.doc file) can be imported back into the EpiSuccess Pro 2 dataset without the need for manual data entry.

Mobile App (for interviewers). Users can collect data in the field using EpiSuccess Pro 2 Mobile App with smart phones and tablets such as Apple® iPhone®/iPod touch®/iPad®, Android™ and BlackBerry®. The Mobile App is launched by simply opening the mobile web browser to the URL address of the Windows® computer ESP Web Server. Geo-location information (latitude and longitude) can be automatically captured from the device's GPS and inserted as values in data form fields. Records with geo-location data can be displayed on interactive maps on mobile devices with Internet connection.

EpiSuccess Pro 2 Mobile App can also be used to enter data on any computer (desktop / laptop / netbook etc.) with Google™ Chrome™ or Apple® Safari® web browser.

User Permissions. EpiSuccess Pro 2 incorporates a "Role-Based Access Control" (RBAC) system to define user permissions (workgroups, users, roles and datasets). Users must log-in to mobile devices and web browsers and only have access to datasets for which they have permissions.

SQLite Database. EpiSuccess Pro 2 datasets and questionsets each has its own SQLite database file that requires no additional installation or administration. Unlike Microsoft Access®, there is no practical limit on the number of data fields in a single data table.

Built-in Web Server. EpiSuccess Pro 2 has a custom built-in ESP Web Server that runs automatically and is very easy to use. This enables managing data exchange with mobile handheld devices (smart phones and tablets) and other Windows® computers (laptops / notebooks / servers) running EpiSuccess Pro 2 software, including automated data transfers that can be scheduled to facilitate epidemiologic surveillance and illness reporting.

NEW icon Web Surveys (for respondents). EpiSuccess Pro 2 Web Surveys allow respondents to submit data from any web browser (desktop, laptop or mobile phone/tablet) without requiring user account login and password. Once submitted, the data cannot be viewed again or edited by the respondent. Web Surveys are useful in many situations such as outbreak investigations where people can be contacted and asked to complete an on-line questionnaire. Web Surveys can be set up and conducted easily using ESP Datasets and the built-in ESP Web Server.

Benefits of Using EpiSuccess Pro 2 (ESP2) Software: Better, Faster, Easier and Cheaper

"Doing More with Less"
  • Better. Improve data quality by re-using questions, validating data and eliminating data transciption errors.
  • Faster. Rapidly create questionnaires, deploy surveys, transfer data and have data for analyses and reports.
  • Easier. Quick and easy management of datasets, questionsets, custom Question Bank, user permissions, ESP Web Server and data transfer tasks.
  • Lower overall costs. Cost savings by:
    • More efficient use of staff time:
      • Less staff time required to create survey questionnaires and data collection forms.
      • Potentially eliminiate manual data entry from paper forms.
      • More efficient data management and data sharing.
    • Save paper. Reduce costs for printing, shipping, storage, archival and disposal of paper forms.
    • Save on computers and mobile devices. More options to use a variety of computers, smart phones and tablets -- including older and lower cost models.

For More Information

Please send email to:
EpiSuccess email address

EpiSuccess Pro Deployment: Microsoft Word® Forms Mobile Devices Surveillance

Diagram of EpiSuccess Pro 2 features and deployment

EpiSuccess Pro 2 (ESP2)

For more information, please send email to:
EpiSuccess email address

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